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The research of the Chair of Wildlife Ecology and Management focusses on the role of the spatial structure and human use of habitats for wildlife populations and communities, as well as the development of concepts for the integration of human land use interests and the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity. Our research com

bines approaches of conservation biology, landscape ecology, and


population modelling and genetics. The effects of anthropogenic habitat fragmentation on wildlife individuals, populations, and communities and their implications for conservation are the major focus of our work.

Our mission is to contribute to a sound scientific basis for the conservation and sustainable management of wildlife and its habitats.

Major research areas:

  • Conservation biology and biodiversity research
  • Wildlife-habitat relationships from local to landscape scales
  • Human impacts on wildlife
  • Urban Wildlife and biodiversity
  • Conservation Genetics and molecular population ecology
The chair maintains research cooperations with numerous scientists and research institutions worldwide. We have particularly close ties to colleagues in research departments of the Stelvio National Park (PD Dr. Luca Corlatti) and the Bavarian Forest National Park (Prof. Dr. Marco Heurich). Furthermore, the chair is a founding member of the regional research cluster in wildlife ecology “ForWild”. ForWild promotes synergies among research institutions in south-western Germany in using science to underpin a sustainable wildlife management.


Conservation Genetics Lab


you will find information about our molecular genetics lab.



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