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Final Theses & Internships

In this section we post opportunities for thesis projects that are part of an ongoing project. Most theses though, are developed individually/ outside of current projects. If you are interested in working in wildlife ecology, look through our team’s research topics as well as our ongoing projects. Then you should contact the corresponding team member directly, whether a thesis would be possible within their topic. We also supervise „external“ thesis projects, that are for example completed at a university abroad, an opportunity which often results from an internship. You can also come to us with a research idea of your own.

Link For final thesis in ConFoBi projects see here
File Voluntary field assistant in Sweden
“Do wind turbines influence capercaillie?” The international research project "Capercaillie & Wind Energy" is seeking for field interns to assist in different research methods in the Jädraas Wind Parc, Sweden. This is a great opportunity for students who want to get more experience in field work related to animal behavior and wildlife ecology.
File Internship opportunity Fox project
We offer the opportunity for student internships in an ongoing research project into the effects of red fox hunting on fox populations and predation risk in the Black Forest. We can accept student interns for periods upwards of 4 weeks between March and May as well as between July and November. Specific periods can be discussed on request with Lino Kämmerle.
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